First Beta 2022-04-16

First beta version of Kronian Titans! This marks the start for season 0 of Kronian Titans!

The code has been cleaned up and all the mechanics should be there. The game is now ready to start expanding little by little.

The aim for season 0 is to have a more complete game, with the main modes, working online with rollback, 6 characters, and a preview for story mode! Estimations says it will be done in 2023.

What’s next right now ?

  • Release the new changes and bugfixes to Castagne (fighting game creation tool) as Castagne v0.41.
  • Start implementing the other characters! To do that, I’ll also need to update Castagne with 2D sprite functionality, and the editor. Stay tuned for that!
  • I’ll also work on the graphics! The current shader and models are a bit lacking, and I have some ideas in mind to test. When done, I’ll release how the algorithm works along with the watercolor shader as a tech report!

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Windows Version (v2022-04-16) 30 MB
Apr 16, 2022
Linux Version (v2022-04-16) 32 MB
Apr 16, 2022

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